Mailing Lists

Mailing lists, a thing of the past or the wave of the future? Well the answer to those questions is surprisingly, BOTH!

Uptown Printing can work with you, in helping you get mailing lists. We can get the list you need through Canada Post which offers a range of targeting options with the most comprehensive direct mail lists in Canada.

If you are looking to use a solid mailing list, then you have come to the right place. Click the "Get Started" button now to begin building your list today!

Why should you rent a list through us?

When you rent Canada Completeâ„¢ mailing lists, you access the biggest mailing lists in the country. You also get a wide range of targeting options to help you zero in on precisely the audience you want to reach. Lists are available for consumer and business target audiences. We can help you select targeting options and get prices.

Some examples of data filters:

  • Rent vs. Own
  • Gross individual or family income
  • Credit Scores (Beacon)
  • Particular Postal Code
  • Age Groups
  • Business Type
  • Education Level
  • Mortgage payment
  • Loan Amount
  • Debt Level
1. Business audience Lists

a. Business Masterfile This comprehensive list of business names and addresses is refreshed and validated monthly, ensuring complete and accurate addresses (including suite numbers). Target by geography, industry codes, employee size, sales revenue, and more. b. SOHO A business list from Canada Post that targets Canadian businesses operating from a residential address. This list is drawn from Canada Post's mail delivery database and enhanced with third-party data sources.

2. Consumer audience Lists

Consumer Masterfile This comprehensive list of consumer addresses provides the best reach and market penetration of residential households in Canada, with over 13 million addresses. For added personalization and to help boost open rates, this list also includes a subset of 7 million consumer names from self-reported survey data and the telephone directory publishers.

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